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This is the best music you've ever heard. There are no words. How can I try to describe them. It's love and sunshine and southern europe and happiness and heartache and melodies and rythyms. It's something like this: you work all weekend on songs with your friend. You want to make fun songs but there are technical problems. In between making the songs you go to shows and drink a lot and meet new friends and talk in a different language and laugh. On your way out of town you try to finish recording the songs and you do the best you can but another band of friends has to practice, so you need to hurry. And you have time to listen to their practice for a half an hour. You have drunk about a quarter brick of wine which is the worst thing in the world. You are drunk. And you hear this music and you can't believe it. It lifts you to a new place. You record it. You leave for the airport. You listen in the taxi and you cry. Thats what Campamento Ņec Ņec sounds like.



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